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October 10th in Heidelberg
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The Event

Details of our Reunion. Make sure to RSVP!

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We welcome you to join us on October 10th 2015! Time flies by and we are excited to see what our alumni have accomplished over the last few years. The mayor of Heidelberg Eckart Würzner will be the patron of the event. So let's all gather for this special day and revive ISSI!

Where it all happens

We will get together for the official issi alumni reunion 2015 at:

dkfz Communication Center

Im Neuenheimer Feld 280,
69121 Heidelberg

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Fee & Budget

What it will cost.

We try to keep the costs for attending the alumni event as low as possible. There will be a small participation fee of €20 covering the lunch catering and snacks on Saturday. Alumni giving a presentation are exempt from the fee. If you sign up, we will send you an email with details to pay prior to the event. You can use either PayPal, direct bank transfer or (recommendable for international alumni) TransferWise.

If you are travelling on low budget, here are some suggestions to make ends meet: In Europe, fly with low-budget airlines like Ryanair or easyJet and make sure to compare fares on sites like Kayak. In Germany, travel on coaches or only on regional trains (without IC/ICE) while looking out for advance tickets. When you enrol, sign up to hopefully be matched with an alumnus/a who can offer free accommodation in Heidelberg.

Our Schedule

Details of our Reunion. Make sure to RSVP!

  • Oct. 9th

    Arrival in Heidelberg

    It will be best for you to arrive on Oct. 9th. You will be able to take your time to settle in and maybe even participate in a walk through the dark alleys of Heidelberg with the night watchman?

    For more information and options click here .

  • Oct. 10th - Alumni Reunion

    Communication Center dkfz

    The day is coming! We are going to reunite as many alumni as possible at the dkfz communication center!

    Want to know more about who will be participating and what we have planned for you? Click here to find out! Details will be posted here in the near future!

  • Oct. 10th - Dinner

    Find old friends and have dinner!

    After a day of "work" it's time to also join together for great food and later on drinks. We would like you to join us at a great Restaurant for dinner! Find details here .

  • Oct. 10th - Pub Night Out

    Experience the very special night life of Heidelberg's old quarter

    issi is not just about science but mostly also about having fun! Let's meet to enjoy experience the famous nightlife of Heidelberg's old city. We will start at a great bar and then see what the night in the pub street will offer! Detailed information on our night out will be given to you asap.

  • Oct. 11th - Heidelberg by Day

    Take a tour around the city!

    The main event might be over but this does not mean that we don't get to continue all the fun together! We have some great suggestions for your Sunday in Heidelberg and the "Little Versailles" palace of Schwetzingen. The exact schedule will be given to you as soon as possible.

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Finding Accomodation

We help you to find a great place to sleep!

We are currently in contact with several different Hostels and Hotels to be able to offer you some good suggestions. As soon as we get all our feedback we will upload the best places to stay. But don't worry, Airbnb works quite well here in Heidelberg and you might have the time to already find some nice places using a search engine. Anything located in the old city (Altstadt) or near the main station (Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof) is perfectly connected to our conference site!

Here are some of our favorite hostels and hotels in Heidelberg. All of them are in a good location, either close to the dkfz communication center or right in the middle of the old city. All of them are well connected to the bus route system so you can easily travel around Heidelberg.


Lotte Hostel

Lotte Hostel is a very small guest house right beneath the castle in the old city. They have 5-bed and 6-bed rooms, prices range from 23-32€/person-night. There is a direct connection to the main station (busline 33).


By airbnb you will be able to find rooms or entire appartments in a very good location. Try to find something either near the main station (Hauptbahnhof), the main bus point Bismarckplatz and in the old city (Altstadt). Other good areas close to the conference and old city are Neuenheim, Handschuhsheim, Bergheim, Südstadt and Weststadt. Heidelberg is not very big, so in most of the cases you will find something close to everything!

Ibis Hotel Heidelberg

This two-stars level Hotel is situated right at the main station of Heidelberg (Hauptbahnhof). It is optimally conntected to the communication center by the busline 32 that leaves at the main bust stop.

The City of Heidelberg

Everything you need to know about our reunion site!

We are putting the best information possible together for you! Check in now and then and you might encounter something new! Meanwhile check out our facebook event page:

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Any questions? We might be able to help!